Monday, June 1, 2009

Provoking Thought

As May fades into June and summer begins to really “rev-up”, I find my calendar crammed full of activities such as family events (my father-in-law turned eighty this week) and outings associated with my legislative responsibilities. On Memorial Day my wife, Carol, and I drove to Tularosa to participate in a very impressive memorial service. I was honored and privileged to have been asked to speak. Tuesday, the next day, I listened in at a regional meeting of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association. They are a great group of people trying hard to keep the food on all of our tables. Wednesday I participated in a health care task force headed by the Mayor of Roswell. We are working on making sure rural communities have the physicians they need. Friday afternoon was consumed with a forum on juvenile detention concerns put on by CYFD. The social worker/law enforcement split was fully visible. In my mind the absolute number one responsibility is to protect the community.

All of that just in the last week!

While I could drone on with “How I spent my summer vacation” tales, I would rather offer for your consideration some works by other writers. Over the past few months I have discovered some articles that I have found particularly interesting and thought-provoking. One such essay is a piece by Bill Kristol titled “Let 1,000 Republican Flowers Bloom”. I came across this during the legislative session. I have wanted to share it for some time.